China Dragon Inspection & Certification (H.K.) Ltd.

China Dragon Inspection & Certification (H.K.) Ltd. ("China Dragon"), founded in 1993, is a test center and wholly-owned subsidiary of China Inspection Company Limited and an independent and fair quality test service organization. It can meet the various industrial test requirements, including chemical industry, cosmetics, environmental protection, food, food container/ contact materials, toy, consumer goods, and heavy industry.

China Dragon conducts tests in the self-financed lab in Hong Kong, operates according to the ISO/IEC17025 quality management system, and has obtained the HOKLAS (No. 068), CNAS (No. L0064), and CPSC (No. 1006) to ensure the fairness, scientificity and accuracy of the test service.

The international recognized test service provided by China Dragon will certainly help you explore the international market. By right of the professional chemists and advanced equipment, China Dragon can provide precise, reliable, quick and acceptable test results for you to meet the directives of the major countries. Our professionals proficient in international standards and laws provide technical support to solve technical problems from the point of view of design for manufacturers, importers, buyers and traders, help you meet today’s changing social needs, and produce products protecting the ecological environment and human safety.

At the same time, we provide services recognized or recommended by the Mainland government for customers all over the world, including test for Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances (RoHS) for imported electronic and electrical equipment; test of imported paints and batteries; CCC; imported cosmetics law consulting and agency for application for approval; imported food law consulting, etc. In addition, we provide one-stop service for food and cosmetics imported to China, including label consulting and detection, etc. to help your products successfully enter the Chinese market ahead of the competitors.

In addition, China Dragon provides goods inspection service, with the network covering China and other major countries and regions. With "fair, reliable and professional" as the service tenet, China Dragon is dedicated to assist importers, traders, producers and sellers solve various quality and quantity problems of products before shipment. Our inspection service is according to the ISO17020 quality management system. We conduct inspection according to the international inspection standard ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 or the quality and specification requirements provided by you and are dedicated to provide professional and reliable goods inspection service for you.

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